Love Battle

A complicate love story between 2 families, one with 2 daughters and other with 2 sons. The two family is a next door neighbor, the girls’ house is a premium dancing institution and the guys’ is an inexpensive boxing camp. The difference between their family businesses is not much of an obstacle, the real obstacle is that their father happen to hate each other’s guts. The thing is the mother of both family use to date the father of the other family. Even though both mothers do not have any heart feelings against each other but the fathers do, and that is why everyone in the family have to hate the other family as well. The kids’ love life is also confusing, the younger daughter is in love with the older son but he happen to be in love with her big sister which happened to be in love with his younger brother. An uncanny love life between siblings, parents and neighbor will make you more confuse than ever.

Original release: 2009 – 2010
Network: Channel 7
Director: Nutchapon Ruengrong