The Heritage

A chaotic story of 4 siblings who have total different personalities, a niggard, a dreamer, a dummy who want to become a superstar and a tough girl. They are all despise each other. 4 of them have to collaborate in order to take care of the only heritage their father left behind which is a production house. It would not be so mess up if the company does not have a huge debt to pay. Therefore, the 4 siblings have to work together and pay off all the money they owe.

Since none of them have experiences in an entertainment industry what so ever, they have to lean on a producer that their father trusted so much and a few weird employees in the company. A fun chaotic story about sibling relationship and the affection between the youngest sister and the producer is something worth watching.

Original release: 2008
Network: Channel 7
Director: Wirat HengKongdee