The Legend of Dream The Musical

A musical that use more than 30 songs from a legendary band called “Chaliang” to create the most impressive story with so many aspects that will make you enjoy, amuse and thrill at the same time, just like how Chaliang songs always make you feel.

The story is about a conflict between 2 make-up towns, one is called “Logicland”, the land where people live by rational choices, statistic data and problem evaluation techniques. One day, people in Logicland found out about another town called “Loosenland”, the land that people live by emotions, feelings, passions and instincts. After the discovery, Logicland carefully analyze this new town and decide that Loosenland tends to be a threat to Logicland so they send an army to destroy Loosenland once and for all.

Original perform: 2009 (and re-stage in 2010) at M-Theatre
Director: Teravat Anuvatudom